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We are a registered investment advisory firm located in Simsbury, CT.  We provide investment advice to individuals, families and non-profit organizations.

Be confident.  Be comfortable.  Be You.  This is our philosophy at BE Investment Management.  We want you to feel confident knowing that your investments are being managed by a professional advisor who places your interests first.  We want you to be comfortable knowing that your investments are being continuously monitored and that you are receiving regular updates on your portfolio.  But most importantly, we want you to be you!  Our focus is to alleviate the stress you feel in trying to achieve your investment goals.  We give you the freedom to focus on the joys of life, allowing you to be you.

Our goal is to create a comfortable financial atmosphere as we help clients reach their immediate and future investment goals.

Brian Elmer

Brian Elmer, Owner

I am a portfolio manager with 27 years experience. I am skilled in managing personal, institutional and endowment accounts.

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The financial markets are continually changing, often at dizzying speeds. You need someone to manage your investments who has the experience of guiding clients through both up and down markets. At BE Investment Management we firmly believe in investing for the long term. We also recognize that changing markets can provide attractive and profitable shorter term investment opportunities. At BE Investment Management our extensive experience allows us to invest for the long term while taking advantage of short-term investment opportunities. If an unmatched level of personal attention is something you desire, give us a call at (860) 310-6617 and let us help.

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